The Beginning of the End

14 07 2008

What: Leaving for ~1+ years to live/work abroad

When: January 2009

Where: London, United Kingdom

Who: Myself (and Luke [my bf] and Lauren [his sister])

Why: Because we want to.

How: By Plane (duh!)

My Mates,

As I sit here in my unexciting, beige, 3 walled hole (also read: cubicle), I cannot help by count down the days until freedom – July 31st, 2008.

After graduation, I did the most logical thing – I found a job in my respective field and began life as a grown-up. However, right before I began my alternative life I traveled to Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece) for a month with Kylie [my best friend since childhood]. I also fell in love. With Europe. So, you can imagine how depressing it was to come back only to find myself sitting in aforementioned hole staring mindlessly at a buzzing rectangle all day. I was love sick.

After about a year, I decided to finally pull the chute and reconnect with my long lost love. However, I wanted an authentic adventure. I didn’t want to just experience. I wanted to live.

I made my decision – I was going somewhere I have not yet visited to live/work, and also – to travel around the rest of Europe on my time off. London, UK seemed the most logical place to be based out of for a number of reasons:

  1. I already understood the language (perhaps not the slang..but that will come in time)
  2. Jobs are plentiful
  3. Plane tickets are cheap
  4. There is lots to do/see

At that time, Luke and I decided we were going to embark on this adventure together. Yay! Cheaper rent! (and obviously I enjoy his company). Next, his sister Lauren decided she is also going to embark on this adventure with us. Yay! Even cheaper rent! (and I obviously enjoy her company as well…at least I think I will…I haven’t exactly met her yet…but I’m sure she is wonderful).

The Beginning of my End:

  • July 31st, 2008 – My life ends as a pleb in the Canadian working field.
  • August 1st, 2008 – My first day of freedom. Unfortunately, offset by the fact that I must now live at my parents house for the next 5 months while I arrange all of the intricacies of living/working abroad.
  • Beginning September, 2008 – 2 weeks in Russia with mother. Posts to come.
  • Mid September, 2008 – My first day back as a care-free customer service rep in my hometown movie store. (I hear you judging, but hey, I need something to pass the time, and a few extra $ never hurt anyone).
  • January 2009 – My life begins again.

In the meantime – check out all the cool things over to the right (points right) and below (points down). They are cool.

P.S. This video is awesome. This guy got famous by doing a ridiculous dance in many parts of the world with the country locals. I am jealous. But, fear not! I will come up with something equally as ridiculous and equally as entertaining to do consistently on my travels.




2 responses

16 07 2008

Good Luck!

23 07 2008

Congrats. I did the same thing 3.5 years ago, fleeing Canada for Asia. It was the best thing I ever did.

I’ll poke my nose in here from time to time and see how your adventure progresses.

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