Should I Switch to WordPress?

29 07 2008

Yay or Ney?

Is WordPress better than Blogger?

I have been thinking lately that I should switch my site over from Blogger to WordPress, but for some reason there is still something holding me back.

There are a few reason I wanted to switch. First and foremost is that if I ever wanted to host my own website (depending on if people think I’m cool enough for them to read my blog..TBD), most hosts come with a WordPress 1-click install. WordPress also seems to have better layouts that allow for static pages and “prettier” themes. All in all it seems more user friendly.

I have had absolutely no issues with Blogger thus far (except for the AdSense not wanting to show up). I consider myself tech savvy enough to be able to make the transition relatively painless (as I can just redirect the blogspot page to the wordpress page). However, I do like that Blogger has the ability of storing pictures instead of just linking to them (or can you do that in WordPress now?) Also, spell checker is KEY.

So, I turn to you dear readers to help me answer this question. Why or why not should I switch to WordPress?




2 responses

29 07 2008

I tried to switch to wordpress about one week ago, until I saw that I’d have to go back and fix every post because the font was all whacked out and the layout wouldn’t match the ones on wordpress. I think it is better than blogger anyways though. I just didn’t feel like having to fix 3 months worth of posts.

30 07 2008

@Anthony: Thankfully I only had 5 or so posts to fix. Hopefully you found your way here ok!

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