I’ve Moved…Help Me!

30 07 2008

[Update]: Email is fixed thanks to the kind people at WordPress. Also, I pose a fifth question: Is it normal for the pictures on my posts just to randomly disappear sometimes and reappear magically?

I did it. I made the plunge into WordPress from Blogspot. And I must say I like it – minus a few things I just can’t figure out. Although I consider myself a kind of “cool techy geek,” I’m still kind of a noob at WordPress.

For one, why can I not seem to turn off the comment moderation? For two, what is that HTML code above the box where you can leave comments after the posts? (this one is making me angry…and you don’t want to make Anna angry. – that was a Hulk reference FYI) For three, since I was stupid and accidentally registered my email address as my work email it is not allowing me to switch back to my personal account (seeing as my work address expires as of tomorrow, you can sense my dilemma). I already switched my email once before and it worked fine, but it is not emailing me the confirmation link to my personal account. Please tell me that you are allowed to switch the email more than once. Please, Please, Please. For fourth (and final), is it possible to set my old blogspot page to automatically redirect peeps here?

I think that is all.

I promise I will write about actual meaningful things like travel and such tomorrow, but for now please allow me a day to get accustomed to WordPress. Much Love.




5 responses

30 07 2008

Ignore me. Just checking.

31 07 2008

To change comment moderation – go to your wordpress dashboard, find the link marked ‘settings’ and then choose the ‘discussion’ option. You can turn off moderation there.

31 07 2008

@Geoff: I did that: yet it still emails me 😦 WordPress hates me 😦 Thankfully you provide some love 🙂 Maybe I’m clicking the wrong checkbox – which checkbox do you unlick to turn it off?

31 07 2008

One of the discussion options says “e-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment” – just uncheck that one.

Loving the new blog – the design in wordpress looks much nicer!

31 07 2008

@Geoff – thanks for all your help thus far. London is fast approaching – and I will definately be emailing you when I get there!

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