Top 5 Things To Do In Dundas, Ontario

13 08 2008

In a population of 20,000, where half of the land is farmland, and everyone knows everyone else on a first name basis, it becomes unusually difficult to find something exciting to do. So, I went on a hunt. I figured I’m going to be here for ~4months, so I may as well make the most of it. In Toronto there was constantly something new going on, always a festival of some sort – you never really had to go and seek fun out by yourself, it would usually find you. In Dundas, this is not the case.

Here are some of the “fun” things that I could possibly do while living in Dundas:

  1. Go Skydiving
  • How could I not have thought of this before? Just over the highway we have a skydiving school! Swoop is it’s name. I have always wanted to go skydiving. I even came really close to it one time for my 22nd birthday – but then I chickened out. I haven’t even signed up for it, but just sitting here writing about it is actually making me nervous. Could it be any worse than dropping your whole life and moving to England? About on par I’d say. I’m in.

2. Hike the Dundas Valley Trails

  • As much as I hate on Dundas all the time, I must admit; it is beautiful. The escarpment is pretty much right in my back yard and there are a million hiking and cycling trails all throughout the town. After falling off my bike and injuring myself pretty badly one year (I also developed an allergy to band aids after my fall – go figure), I’ve been kind of cautious to go biking through the same rough trails. Again, could it be any worse than dropping your whole life and moving to England? I’m in.

3. Dundas Cactus Festival

  • Although this is something you can only do once a year, I am lucky that I am going to be in town when this festival is going on. 2 weeks from now, “downtown” Dundas will be transformed into a major carnival with rides, games, buskers, trinket sellers and all the beaver tails you could possibly inhale. The Cactus is the official symbol of Dundas – why you ask? I have no idea, since I have never even seen said cactus in Dundas. Cactus Fest is really a big high school reunion for me – it will be great to see old friends at the one local bar (where we will mostly likely than not all pack in like sardines and drink like the fish we are), and which coincidently is named “The Thirsty Cactus.” I’m in.

4. Golf

  • To be honest, I’m not a golfer. I would be lying if I said I was even a mini putter. I have absolutely no patience for this sport. (Is it a sport?) I end up getting so frustrated, that I resort to my humble European upbringing and end up kicking the golf ball, soccer-style, into the hole. With that said, Dundas actually has some ridiculously nice golf courses. One being right in my backyard. When I was younger, I used to hop the fence and steal the golf balls people would leave behind. So, instead of playing golf, I plan on going back to my childhood roots, gathering up some of my old “peeps” (perhaps I can scout them out at the Cactus Fest), and hop this fence once again. Sweet! I’m in.

5. Carnegie Gallery

  • Hmmm. I have not once stepped foot in this beautiful Gallery. Of this, I am ashamed. I have driven past it many times, wondering what was inside, never daring to actually go in. I always felt a little out of place in these types of settings. I had a hard time imaging myself as an “art connoisseur.” I think I’ve become a lot of things that I never thought I was, or never thought I’d become. I think it’s about time to step inside and take a look. I’m in.



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13 08 2008

Since you are moving to Europe… a little mixed trivia for you…
Do you know what Dundas means in Norwegian?

13 08 2008

@Matt: I do not. But – knowing you, I can only assume it means something dirty. Otherwise you would not have brought it up. Do tell.

14 08 2008

Loosely translated it means ‘Hell’… hahaha… coincidence? JK… So the Scandinavians agree that it is bad to be in Dundas!

14 08 2008

@Matt: LOL! Wow.

17 08 2008

Skydiving… I´d love to do that… but I´d chicken out also haha. But if I can survive Rio, I can survive a skydive!

17 08 2008

@Anthony: I’m still debating on the whole skydiving thing. I want to live to see my trip take place. Haha.

19 11 2008

Thanks for this list of must do things in Ontario. Of this I believe the hike in the valley and the cactus festival would be the best.

20 11 2008

@Liny: NP – Just note, these are things to do in DUNDAS, Ontario. – Not all of Ontario. Dundas is a pretty small town, and there are hundreds of more exciting things to do if you venture outside of it 🙂

1 05 2009
Pirk Winetram

I think Dundas is stupid.

22 06 2009

I grew up in Dundas. I left as soon as I could, because I felt it was too small, but I can now appreciate what a beautiful town it was and is.

Hiked and biked everywhere there as a kid. The ravine (Dundas conservation area is beautiful and shaped my love of the outdoors.

I used to love going to the kids library, now the Gallery. I love going to that gallery. Lots of talented artists live in the community. It has an open studio tour every year in October. Great thing to do if you love art.

The Cactus Festival is named that because of the greenhouse (family run) that had a huge collection of cactus. I don’t think it exists anymore.

They are putting in an ice skating rink in the Dundas Driving park, so that should be really nice for everyone.

17 08 2011
Kathy Wetselaar

You are right Janice….Ben Velthuis greenhouses were world renown for their cacti. Ben Emmigrated with his family after WW II and established his company along the canal in Dundas.
His cacti were featured at the CNE with wonderful displays throughout the 60’s.
As a child, they let me to wander through their greenhouses. They had a beautiful toucan. I was facinated because Toucan Sam had just hit the market with Fruit Loops!
And for 50 cents, my mother got a wonderful gift.
The Cactus Festival started just after I married and left Dundas in the early 70’s, But I remember the Cactus clock that was the highlight of the festival.
Sadly, the greenhouses are gone. But the Cactus Festival lives on!

10 08 2011

I also grew up in Dundas, it is a beautiful town and i still have lots of friends and family that still live there.I moved away several years ago and do return for a visit from time to time. Growing up i can’t say i was ever bored living in Dundas we always found something to do. I will always call Dundas my home town and proud to have grown up there!

29 06 2013
Gail Bjornsen

I grew up in Dundas and loved the town. I live in California and have for many years,(since 1959) If I remember right people did not lock their doors as there was no crime etc. I still keep in touch with one good friend I grew up with there. Websters Falls was beautiful and the town park was nice too with lawn bowling and concerts in the summer. In California your doors are definitely locked but the weather is a tad better. When you wanted more excitement than Dundas you could hop on the bus and visit Hamilton. I too have fond memories of my home town! Gail

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