Mother Russia? Da!

26 08 2008

On September 7th, I leave for my 2week vacation with mother to Russia. St. Petersburg to be exact.

Even though I was born in Russia (well technically it was the Ukraine, but it was all the USSR back then), I really don’t remember anything at all. I was only 6 years old when we immigrated to Canada. It will be like seeing it for the first time, so I’m pretty excited! I still get torn whenever I watch any sporting event – do I cheer for Russia? Ukraine? or Canada? They are all winners in my heart.

Since I will be turning the big 2-4 (OMG, I’m almost in my mid-twenties, *insert heart attack here*) on September 9th when I happen to be in Russia, my mother is taking me to the Russian National Ballet to see Giselle. Growing up doing competitive dance all my life, this is a BIG DEAL!

Back when it was still called “Leningrad” (to be pronounced in a thick Russian accent), my mother attended University here, and still has friends living in the area. School in Russia is very different than it is in North America. While we change our classmates every year when we enter a new grade, the Russians enjoy the comforts of having the same people move from Kindergarten all the way up to highschool. So you can imagine how close you must become with the people you’ve spent your whole childhood with. My mom is pretty excited to show me the places she used to visit and where she studied. It will be good to get an insiders perspective since she can compare it to what it was then to what the places look like now. Also, good to get off the tourist track sometimes.

My mom is also convinced that all we need to bring is 1 carry one luggage each (since we have a layover in Amsterdam she is scared our luggage will get lost). She doesn’t see the need to bring shampoo’s or any other liquids along with us as she thinks we can buy it all there or borrow from friends. While I think this is a tremendous idea in theory – I’m afraid she has grown too accustomed to the North American life, and forgets that there isn’t a 24hour convenient store nearby where we can pick up all necessary things for 2 weeks for a cheap price. Am I wrong to think that my facewash is not readily available in downtown St. Petersburg? (And just to justify the fact about my facewash – I’m a redhead with extremely sensitive skin – trust me, skin products are like my 3rd leg).

Russia here I come!

Q: Any of you have tips on what to see in St. Petersburg? What to watch out for? What to bring? What NOT to bring?




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26 08 2008

Honduras plays Canada September 6th in a most important football match. In Canada. I will go as far to say that I think we will break you! Have fun in Russia!

26 08 2008

@Anthony: Good on you for quoting “Rocky III” in there! You managed to combine Russia and Canada AND your beloved Honduras into one lovely comment. Hopefully you know which quote I’m talking about! As for the football match – wait and see…Canada could surprise you yet!

27 08 2008

I must say I’m quite jealous. Enjoy the trip!

Unfortunately, despite being born in Leningrad, I’m afraid I left it too young to give you much tourism advice 😦

27 08 2008

@Mike: Don’t worry, you can do vicariously through me. Tell your folks I say ‘Hello!”

27 08 2008

Of course I know the quote! And its Rocky IV! Argghh!

28 08 2008
Nomadic Matt

your russian too!! hmm i can’t decide what i will enjoy more- throwing tomatoes next year or hanging out with a red headed russian. gonna be a tough call.

and yes yes, la tomatina is on my list to go next year… consider it done, you have a partner in crime. when are finished can we go drink at octoberfest?

28 08 2008

@Anthony: Oops! I totally knew it was Rocky IV! I Promise!

@Nomadic Matt: I sent you an email – so go check it!

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