My Birthday & My First Felony

9 09 2008

I woke up not even realizing I was 24 today.  To be honest, with everything else going on I haven’t really given it much though.  But here it was. 

We went into the city centre and took a bus tour.  Of course it was in Russian.  Even though I DO speak Russian, I have to concentrate to understand anything complicated and anything spoken too fast.  Whereas English, I can understand in passing alone, whether I concentrate or not.  This made listening to the tour guide and sightseeing at the same time very difficult.  I decided to stick with the sightseeing.  Meh.

We then went inside inside the Kings Palace where we pretended to be “local authentic Russians,” as opposed to tourists.  Tourists (aka foreigners) pay a premium price for tickets apparently.  Obviously, this meant keeping my mouth shut (as my accent is a dead give away) and letting my mom do all the talking. The tour guide here talked even faster.  Damn. You. Have. To. Speak. Slowly. Please.  I stuck to just sightseeing again.  Apparently, the tour guide was very good.

Then we bought tickets to the ballet for Sept 18th. YAY! Happy Birthday to me! (Again, discounted pricing for locals.  Again, I kept my mouth shut and lurked in the corner).

To round off the day we had tea and desert (aka bday cake) at a local cute Starbucks-like cafe.

Finally, we got on the metro. (If you enjoy personal space, you wont enjoy the Russian metro system.  Last time I was that close to someone, we were dating).  Stopping by at the local supermarket for food, and realizing the cashier didnt ring in my apple juice, closed the day off by having committed by first felony. (We ran away hoping she wouldnt notice).


  • If you’re a man and you’re over 40 and you dont have a mustache, you aint no man at all.
  • Scrunchies are cool.
  • Update to yesterdays #1: WOMEN mullets are cool too.
  • Its ok to dress in every colour of the rainbow.  I will never understand the fashion here.  Its like an 80’s couture runway show gone bad.  Can you call Stacey and Clinton and get them to tell a whole country what not to wear? (In retrospect, they probably say the same about North Americans.)



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