10 09 2008

I’m still 24.  How lame.

Today I woke up ready to go to the castle where the kings reigned! (I think I was incorrect mentioning of this castle in my earlier post).  Peterhof!

After getting turned around a few times on the metro (again), and then the bus, we finally found our way there. Peterhof was the summer home of our lovely kinds and queens and is bright yellow with white shutters…and its HUGE!  Fountains everywhere in the yard.  Very pretty, indeed. (Can’t upload picture now unfortunately).

Again, buying the tickets for the price meant for the “locals” as opposed to the tourists, we also got a tour included. (tourits dont get a tour – logic in that?)  We put on our shoe cover-alls that you see in the hospitals so we dont bring in any of the dirt off of our shoes – and we were off!  The tour guide this time was elderly and spoke Russian very slow and very clearly.  Bless her heart.  Yay!  The castle was umm…goddy? Lots of gold trim covering every inch of every room…not far off from the Russians themselves.  Nevertheless, the guided tour was very interesting as I learned the purpose and history behind each room.  I had a couple of questions, but even if I wanted to ask them, I was not allowed.  For I was afraid that the minute I open my mouth to speak, it would be a dead give away that we were just imposters pretending to be locals!  All I can picture is my face on posters behind every tourist attaction kiosk reading “Do NOT sell real tickets to this girl – she is Canadian – sell her the 3x more expensive tourist tickets! *Sigh*

However, I enjoyed my tour, and the usage of the free bathroom (you pay here in Russian for public bathrooms) since we ate at the restaurant.

Also, I finally saw tourists! They exist!

After getting on the wrong bus again, we made it home safe.


  • The metro here is 17 rubles…OR roughly under 1 dollar CDN. WHAT?! Toronto is 2.75$!!!! 10 rides is 140 rubles…do the math….roughly $4 and change.
  • Cigarrettes can also be bought for less than $1 CDN.  Not that I care, but its evident why smokeing in Europe is so passe.
  • No shove, no love.  Get your elbows up.  Its really the only way to survive.  I realize I’m repeating this observations, but thats how strongly I feel about it.
  • Mullets are STILL cool.  (I thought I would wake up and they’d be gone.  No such luck).

P.S. – I apologize for the horrific spelling – but I’m too lazy to spell check and I’m not on my own computer – so I’m trying to get bang for my buck and I rewrite my stories from paper to screen.




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