I Love Vodka! Vod*hiccup*ka! Vo*slur*dka! Vakdo!

12 09 2008

My feet hurt.  Although I think I’m beginning to hit that traveler’s wall where you can no longer feel your feet and legs, making walking a lot more enjoyable.

We took a boat cruise through the channels here.  The boat accidentally started to leave without us at first.  The tour leader lady starting yelling “Jump! Jump!” Are you crazy, lady?! I’m no Scuba Steve! So, we had to stand there and wait for it to drive itself backwards a few feet to pick us up, as everyone stared at us in disapproval.  Meh, I wasn’t planning on being a stand in for Evil Knievel today.  Anyway, the boat cruise was lovely and as you can guess I tuned out the Russian tour guide and enjoyed the sights.  My mom would  fill me in on the interesting stuff. 

The next morning we went to visit my mom’s cousin.  I remember visiting him all the time in Riga when I was little.  (Riga is in what is now Latvia)  Now he lives mainly in Germany and sometimes St. Petersburg.  He is truly a lovely man and I plan on visiting him in Germany when I’m in Europe again next year.

This was followed by a day of shopping around the flea market where I found myself a gorgeous purse.  Also, McDonalds was frequented today.  Ahh, a little taste of home.


  • You like Vodka? So do we.  I now understand.  It’s the only thing that keeps you warm enough through the cold days.  Because there are so many cold days, alcohol is freely bought and drunk anywhere there is a free seat.  Sidewalk included.
  • Want to park? Go ahead, its FREE! Anywhere you can find room.  Side of the road, top of the grass, in the middle of the parking lot.  Doesn’t matter.  Not tickets given!
  • Remember the game “chicken?”  Basically, you stand in front of a moving car and see who “chickens” out of the way first.  If noone chickens, you can imagine the result.  The Russian people play this game everyday of their lives.  Half the crosswalk lights don’t work, and the cars will definitely not even slow down.  I almost lost a toe.