Compliment? Yes, Please!

13 09 2008

NOTE: This post is pre-dated.

There was a lot of highlights to my day today. 

For one I got told that I look like Milla Jovovich! I’ll take that! Woo! Goodbye Donna from ‘That 70’s Show,’ hello Milla Jovovich!

Second, I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen since I was 12 years old when she visited Canada.  Our realationship started when some of our family friends in Canada required a translator to translate some letters from their Russian relatives.  She was the Russian relative, and we were the translators. 

Katya, who is 26 took me around the town.  We went to a cool museum where we saw weird scientific/medical findings – and whose name I will butcher if I try to write.  We then gabbed like two school girls over Chinese Food.  We are planning on coming over to their apartment for dinner on Monday, so we can see her mom too.

Another highlight – we decided last minute to go to another ballet! We already have tickets for a ballet gala next week too.  We saw Swan Lake.  Surprisingly enough, I’ve never seen it.  Beautiful.  Minus the two girls beside me who would not stop talking. 

I want to be a ballerina.


  • Their cell phones seem way prettier than ours.  They also seem to work inside the metro station which is way, way, WAY (like a 5 minute escalator ride way) down.  Stupid Bell Mobility! *grumble*
  • Russia breeds the cutest kids on earth! For real.  They are all blue-eyed little porcelain dolls.  I want one.
  • Most apartments have a telephone booth sized room for a toilet alone.  A separate room with a bath and sink is beside it.  Weird.
  • Am still praying the mullet trend doesn’t reach North America.  Am still too chicken to take a photo of one for personal safety reasons.



4 responses

19 09 2008

Hey, Donna is hot… especially blonde.

19 09 2008

Hi Anna..

You are a great writer! I am totally cracking up reading your entries… my favorites are “scuba steve” and the “imposter” scenerio at the tour place. I felt the same way in Israel when I wanted to ask some questions on the bus but was afraid because I looked “so local”….

great stuff!!!!!! Keep it coming!


20 09 2008

Older apartments in the UK have similar layouts to what you describe… it actually comes in handy if you need to use the “facilities” while someone else is in the bath!

20 09 2008

@Anthony – Whats wrong with redheads?! *shove*

@Barry – Thanks bud! I definitely stood out as “a local” with my sneakers vs. their 3 inch high heels.

@Matt – I figured as much. Takes some getting used to I guess.

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