MacBooks Are Sexy

28 09 2008

MacBooks ARE sexy.  You cannot possibly disagree with me on this comment. So when I heard rumours about a new MacBook being released on October 14th, which is supposed to be better, faster, stronger AND cheaper, how could I resist?

I was already in the market for a new laptop (my Toshiba satellite is not only on its last legs but is too big and bulky to carry to England).  I was debating whether to stick with a PC or switch to a Mac.  I’m not in University anymore so I don’t do any heavy number crunching.  My computer time is media based with music, tv, blogging, videos, etc.  Obviously a MAC seems better suited for my current needs.  And it’s sexy.  An icon of being “cool” in the twenty-something’s world. (i.e. me) I have always wanted a MAC, but they have always been a bit out of my price range, and I was scared about adapting to the new interface.  Now, with the new generation being released right before my move to London, I say “why not?” These new books are rumoured to have trackpad technology as well.  How cool!

As I was making my decision I was reading the blog  One Giant Step.  Jason had bought an ASUS and sent me a link to this blog – Nomad Backpackers, where they had also bought an ASUS vs. a MacBook for their travels.  So now I was stumped.

MacBooks are pricy and I would cry a lot if mine got stolen.  A lot, a lot!  Yet again, I am not traveling around the world, I am moving to England and am planning on having a few trips during my stay there. (Ok maybe more than a few…weekend getaways here I come!)  I will have a house, and will not be living out of a hostel and using internet cafes.  I won’t be dragging my laptop whereever I go, and it can’t be any heavier than the brick I carry around right now. I want a decent sized screen as I probably will be too cheap to afford cable, so the laptop will be my source of movie/tv watching. (Besides, have you ever seen British TV shows? Apart from Coronation Street, I doubt I’ll be watching too many). Also, I want a decent sized keyboard as I do spend copious hours at the computer. *sigh*  Plus, MacBooks are sexy.

It’s a done deal.  Oct 14th (assuming the rumours are true) I will be the owner of a brand new MacBook.  Being the techy geek I am, I’m pretty excited about it too.  Yipee!