Sexy by Association

21 10 2008

I’m such a slacker. I apologize.  The last couple of weeks have been really crazy and busy.  I also understand that that is no excuse to leave my blog unattended. *insert sad face here*

A few updates to report on.  For one, I got my new Macbook and it is B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL! If you visit the Apple Website you will see the new Macbooks there. Aluminum casing, glass screens and trackpads, it the the sexiest machine I have ever seen.  And since I’m its owner, it must mean that I’m also sexy by association.  Humour me, ok?  I also decided to get the Apple Care to go with it since I will be dragging it overseas.  In the short few days that I have had it, I have most definitely noticed that I am becoming more and more a “Mac Snob” everyday.  No third party peripherals or extensions will do.  Apple only, please!  I also decided to buy a case for it – a bright pink one! Being a redhead, I don’t really get the chance to wear much pink, so I figure I can accessorize with it where I can.  Another plus, I got the student discount even though I’m no longer a student! I knew there was good reason for carrying that old student card around.  The new Macs weren’t as cheap as I originally thought they were going to be (it was the older versions that dropped in price) but it still makes me feel sexy so I bought it anyways.

Second, I realized I need to buy a travel backpack since the one I used for my earlier Europe excursions was borrowed.  It was also a male version – meaning the straps didn’t necessarily hit in “all the right places.” Any suggestions on this would be really helpful.  I’m thinking I should either do Asolo or MEC? I want one that is front loading and that has a daypack that attaches to it.  Also I really don’t want to spend over $200.  Please help!

Third, my hair straightener broke.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to any of you, and you’re probably reading this and laughing.  I assure you – I was NOT laughing.  If you knew what I have to go through with my hair, you would understand that this little piece of equipment is like my third arm, and probably just as expensive – $180! That put a little bit of a dent in the budget when I had to buy a new one. Dammit.  But I guess its better than using the old one while smokey fumes emit from it? 

Fourth, I have been working like a dog lately – 7 days a week, 9 hours a day sometimes.  It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for anything else really.  I latch on to any moment of free time.  

My Visa should be arriving in the next week or so, and then I can finally be able to tick the “Yes” box in the “Are you eligible to work in the UK?” question making it a lot easier to apply for decent corporate jobs with good companies. *crosses fingers*

Everything seems like its coming together nicely.  Too nicely almost.  There is bound to be a hiccup somewhere.  And my hair straightener breaking doesn’t count!



12 10 2008


As of Feb 2005, all those applying for a UK  Visa,  must get  fingerprinted and eye-scanned.

“Holy Crap!” That’s what I thought when I first found out.  Actually, my first thought was “Did they single me out, because they think I’m a terrorist?” But then I found out EVERYONE has to, and I felt better. *Whew*

I was pretty nervous going into the office last Friday to get all this done. You don’t even get to find out where the office is until you make the appointment! They email you the location.  Flashes of Mission Impossible and James Bond appeared before my eyes.  However, the Visa Officers were probably the friendliest people I’ve had to deal with thus far! No joke.  I was in and out in 30 minutes.  Impressive. Although they didn’t laugh at my terrorist joke.  Hmmm….

So I’m now officially “passport-less,” as they confiscated it to send to the British High Commission for my Visa.  I’m also officially “in the system.” At least my fingerprints and retinas are.  Now all those “Anna” imposters can just bite me!

I’m so close I can taste it!

OH…ANNNNNND… Further to my earlier post, Macbooks Are Sexy, its confirmed, there is going to be a new Macbook announced this Tuesday! WOOO!

Arrested In South Korea

5 10 2008

My best friend is currently teaching in South Korea.  She called me the other day in a bit of a panic.  Apparently, one of the other teachers she works with was arrested because he did not have the proper Visa to teach English.  The problem? Either does she, and she has been teaching Art AS WELL as English.  She is afraid there will be police waiting there for her on Monday morning, so none of the other teachers have gone into work. Oy.  I told her to carry the number to the Canadian Consulate on her at all times. Haha.  Actually, the first thing I did when she told me this news was laugh.  This is my natural reaction to uncomfortable situations.  It would be a funny story to tell after the fact though.  A sweet blog post at that : “How I Got Arrested in Korea.”  Regardless, I found it amusing, and after a while so did she.

She also informed me about a boy she’s been seeing who told her she looked liked Spiderman? Errrrmmm? Miscommunication? Please see my earlier post “Do You Speak English?” about crossed lines of communication.  Also, below is a picture of one the t-shirts they were selling in Korea that she took a picture of.  For their own sakes, I really hope its just miscommunication.  Apparently though, it only came a close second to  a shirt a girl was wearing simply saying  “C***!”  Oh boy.

This almost makes me want to go to Korea. Almost.  And don’t be surprised if my next post is asking for donations to bail my best bud out of jail in Korea.  It’s gonna be a long trek I reckon.