Sexy by Association

21 10 2008

I’m such a slacker. I apologize.  The last couple of weeks have been really crazy and busy.  I also understand that that is no excuse to leave my blog unattended. *insert sad face here*

A few updates to report on.  For one, I got my new Macbook and it is B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL! If you visit the Apple Website you will see the new Macbooks there. Aluminum casing, glass screens and trackpads, it the the sexiest machine I have ever seen.  And since I’m its owner, it must mean that I’m also sexy by association.  Humour me, ok?  I also decided to get the Apple Care to go with it since I will be dragging it overseas.  In the short few days that I have had it, I have most definitely noticed that I am becoming more and more a “Mac Snob” everyday.  No third party peripherals or extensions will do.  Apple only, please!  I also decided to buy a case for it – a bright pink one! Being a redhead, I don’t really get the chance to wear much pink, so I figure I can accessorize with it where I can.  Another plus, I got the student discount even though I’m no longer a student! I knew there was good reason for carrying that old student card around.  The new Macs weren’t as cheap as I originally thought they were going to be (it was the older versions that dropped in price) but it still makes me feel sexy so I bought it anyways.

Second, I realized I need to buy a travel backpack since the one I used for my earlier Europe excursions was borrowed.  It was also a male version – meaning the straps didn’t necessarily hit in “all the right places.” Any suggestions on this would be really helpful.  I’m thinking I should either do Asolo or MEC? I want one that is front loading and that has a daypack that attaches to it.  Also I really don’t want to spend over $200.  Please help!

Third, my hair straightener broke.  I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to any of you, and you’re probably reading this and laughing.  I assure you – I was NOT laughing.  If you knew what I have to go through with my hair, you would understand that this little piece of equipment is like my third arm, and probably just as expensive – $180! That put a little bit of a dent in the budget when I had to buy a new one. Dammit.  But I guess its better than using the old one while smokey fumes emit from it? 

Fourth, I have been working like a dog lately – 7 days a week, 9 hours a day sometimes.  It doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for anything else really.  I latch on to any moment of free time.  

My Visa should be arriving in the next week or so, and then I can finally be able to tick the “Yes” box in the “Are you eligible to work in the UK?” question making it a lot easier to apply for decent corporate jobs with good companies. *crosses fingers*

Everything seems like its coming together nicely.  Too nicely almost.  There is bound to be a hiccup somewhere.  And my hair straightener breaking doesn’t count!




3 responses

26 10 2008

Why must you rub in that you have a macbook when I am post-trip poor?!!!!!


6 11 2008

Are you still alive?! Answer!

8 11 2008

Anthony: I’m alive. Barely. Sent you a message. Will explain in blog post tomorrow. 🙂

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