Can You Pass The Popcorn, Please?

12 11 2008

504005235_1f00929efc_mI am a movie buff.  A big one.  Owning over 500 DVDs and working at a video store, you can understand that I like to be up-to-date with my movie watching.  Quantum of Solace is opening this weekend, and you better believe that I’ll be at the cinema watching.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my friends in England, and the conversation went much like this:

Me: “Have you seen _____”

Friend: Nope, never came out here.

Me: “Ok, have you seen _______”

Friend: Nope. Never even heard of it.

Me: “Grrr, ok how about _______”

Friend: “It’s not coming out until next year”

Me: *cry*

Catastrophe.  Other than the new Bond flick, which England released a week earlier than Canada, the movie release dates are so so soooo far behind – in both the cinemas and out on DVD.  Not to mention, they don’t even get some of the movies that Canada would!

Thank goodness for illegal downloading and torrents, eh? What would we do without them.  BUT! It is not the same.  I want to be able to go to the cinema and see movies like the Dark Knight on a big screen with surround sound.  I want that theatre experience of sharing popcorn and playing air hockey with a group of friends.  I even want that annoying person who will inevitably sit directly behind me and kick my seat until I turn around and tell them to stop.

Patience is a virtue.  I do not possess this virtue.  I will end up downloading the movie and then going to the theatre once it is released and watch it again.  

The sad, sad truth is that I will miss movies more than some of the people I’ll be leaving behind. Ouch.




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12 11 2008

I may have to be the bearer of bad news: cinemas in London can be very expensive. There are some cheap deals available mid-week, and if you avoid central London. Best of all, when you get a mobile phone, it’s also worth going with the network Orange, as they have a deal called Orange Wednesdays where you get two seats for the price of one on wednesdays at pretty much any cinema.

12 11 2008

@Geoff: Nooooooooo! *cry* You ruined my night! But you made up for it with your informative email. Will write back in a bit. 😉

14 11 2008

*applause* your alive… I’m looking forward to Quantum… no one betrays Bond, no one. Even if they speak French, look extremely beautiful at a poker match and saves his life

14 11 2008

@Anthony: Thank you! I’m glad to see you are home safe and sound as well! I read all your blogs. I will let you know about Quantum, hopefully it’s not as bad as everyone says!

30 11 2008

Maby you have a nice friend whos also a movie buff, and wrks at canada post who could send you neat stuff in the mail.

Wow i never knew that about movie releases being delayed or how its more expensive… not good news for people like up. BUT you are a wiz at the downloading so it balances out i suppose

30 11 2008

@ostnerta: I love care packages 🙂

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