You’re Making Anna Angry!

27 11 2008

a500953437_10323_2046From reading my last post, you would have read that I JUST received my Working Holiday Visa to the UK.  You know the one I had to shell out $400CAD for? The one that let’s me work only 12 months out of the 24 its valid for?


As of November 27, 2008, the following changes have occurred to the UK Working Holiday Visa:


new visa allows the participants to work full time for the full 24-month duration of their visa (whereas the old WH visa only allowed participants to work for 12-months of the 24-month visa) 

new visa has dropped in cost to $210 (it used to be approximately $435 CAD) and SWAP will drop the registration fees to reflect this change.


Can this not have happened 2 weeks prior? I would’ve had an extra ~$300CAD in my wallet to show for it too!  Why would SWAP not have said: “Anna, things are about to change if you wait 2 weeks.”


Not that this is gonna deter me away from trying to work the full 24 months illegally, but I would’ve had a cleaner conscience because of it at least! (Not to mention some more $$)

Regardless, what’s done is done and I’m gonna have a ‘smashing’ time.  Incredible Hulk pun not intended.




5 responses

28 11 2008
Nomadic Matt

That is a weird photo

28 11 2008

Dang, that sucks… and I’ve joined the MacBook revolution as of today

29 11 2008

@Nomadic Matt: It’s very Hulk-like. Well – it’s supposed to be anyways. No?

@anthony: OOOOOOO. That made me happy. You bought one of the new ones? Do you love it?

30 11 2008

I Do believe that i took that picture, or at least was besides you and wade. lol

And i really feel your pain about that lack of cash that you would have saved. See you get all organized and try to do things in advance and then somthing like that happens. There is deff a flaw in the system somewhere.

30 11 2008

@ostnerta: You did indeed take it AND then turned it green. 🙂

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