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1 12 2008

2511539541_b8c0356486Just as I told myself I would never sign up for Facebook, I failed with Twitter too.  I am on Twitter.  You can find me under Shustea.

 Bah! What is this world coming to when I feel obligated to comment on what I’m doing every second of the day? Is the “Facebook Status Update” not enough? Is this wonderful blog not good enough? Does e-mail just take too long? What happened to actual physical conversation that involves movement of the face muscles rather than the finger muscles?

So what exactly is Twitter anyway? Basically, you get a page of your own that you can customize the colours and background image of, you have a friends list, you have a display name, there are mobile features, and some form of interaction through instant messaging, and of course those spam accounts that are so bothersome. Therefore, we can safely call Twitter a social community.

But why then, do you ask do you not see a rivalry between Facebook and Twitter? MySpace vs. Twitter?  The answer is – Simplicity.  Yes, you have the page all to yourself.  But, all you can really do is update your status and reply to others. As well, it is also integratabtle into other social websites. (Why people would use Twitter on Facebook is beyond me since you can update your status on Facebook as well, but the fact that you CAN is what counts. You can’t really put MySpace on Facebook now, can you?)

So why are so many people following this trend? Well, the concept is much different – you are not there so much to interact with and send messages and comments to your friends, you are more-so just stating your current mood or status for interested people to know ‘whats up’.  

Which brings me to my next point.  WHO exactly is interested enough to know ‘whats up?’  Some people have HUNDREDS of Twitter friends.  Can they honestly be equally interested in all of their lives?  Can they keep up?  Is Twitter just a way to fuel nosey people?  I mean, it COULD have some advantages – if you want to know people’s opinions on something right away for example.  “Should I buy the new ____?”  Even that, however, seems a bit much. The most obvious advantage I see is that you’re constantly a quick little IM (that you pay $ for on your phone I’d assume) away from updating your blog – assuming people read it.

So, Twitter – are you a popularity contest? (I it see becoming very big among certain ‘clique’ types in highschools – [said in whiney voice] : “Ugh, Jenny just Twittered, I have to reply.  It’s social suicide if I don’t”)

Which leaves me with : So why did I sign up for Twitter?  “Ugh -its total social suicide if you don’t”




5 responses

1 12 2008

I don’t ‘get’ Twitter either Anna! But I have signed up and am going to give it a shot….you can find me at OneGiantStep…see you there!

2 12 2008

@Gillian: I am now a loyal follower 🙂

2 12 2008
Nomadic Matt

i added you on twitter. one more place to annoy you.

2 12 2008

So you have now also joined the gowing world of social media and micro-blogging. Welcome!
To defend it… you can get product and service info from many big name companies
Wall Street Journal wrote, “These social-networking services elicit mixed feelings in the technology-savvy people who have been their early adopters. Fans say they are a good way to keep in touch with busy friends. But some users are starting to feel ‘too’ connected, as they grapple with check-in messages at odd hours, higher cellphone bills and the need to tell acquaintances to stop announcing what they’re having for dinner.”

The world just gets smaller and smaller!

2 12 2008

@Nomadic Matt: Ok added you too!

@ostnerta: What do you mean get product and service info from many big name companies? Maybe if they have a blog I’m assuming? But not through Twitter!

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