I’m Homeless, but I’m Happy

10 12 2008

399985221_f07aa41989_mWhere am I going to live upon arrival? That is the ultimate question everyone seems to be seeking an answer too – my parents, my friends, my coworkers and obviously myself.  The answer is simple – I dunno.

I have spent countless hours searching countless sites for places to live in London.  But truth be told – it really doesn’t matter! It’s not like I can drive over and look at the place to see if I like it.  I can’t really reserve it either since I’d have to pay a months rent without even living there  – I arrive Jan 15th, 2009.  Also, I want to find a job first, so that I can narrow my search options around it.  So, the reality is – I’m homeless. And?

I’m still happy!

I get to go on this great adventure I know I’ll never forget! I’m not necessarily worried about finding a place – I know I will.  A hostel will suffice in the meantime.  Living in a hostel for a week or so will be more than enough motivation to help me find a place faster! They aint cheap!

I understand why everyone is worried – especially my folks – having to send their youngest daughter away to a foreign country, jobless, homeless and friendless.  I even understand the curious/crazy looks I get from friends when I tell them I have no idea where I will be living or working.  The point is I know I WILL be working, and most of all I WILL be living.




6 responses

11 12 2008

I’m sure you can always find a spot in Hyde Park

11 12 2008

What better way to see, and get a sense of, the city than to wander it looking for a place to live? This is a much better scenario than renting a place sight-unseen and then hating it once you get there! You’ll have the luxury of looking around and finding the perfect place! You must be getting soooo excited!

12 12 2008

@anthony: it wouldn’t be the first time

@Gillian: You’re right, I am soooo excited! Thanks for all the positive encouragement by the way! We Canadian are nice folk!

22 12 2008

I can so relate. We’re thinking about moving to New York but don’t have the first clue where or when. It looks like we’re just going to show up. Yikes!

26 12 2008

You should check out couchsurfing.com. You can stay with different people a few nights at a time until you get a place.

26 12 2008

@Stevo: I think I’m gonna try the hostel route…somehow I don’t feel comfortable staying with strangers… dunno … maybe its cause I’m female? Haha

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