Let It Snow!

21 12 2008

p1000386This is a photo of my street.  This is a photo of the day after a huge snow fall (after its already been plowed).  This is right before we got ANOTHER huge snow storm.  There is currently a snow pile on my lawn that is taller than I am and that could cause an avalanche.  It will definitely be a white holiday.

All I have to say it thank goodness for out 4×4! Otherwise I would still be stranded in my driveway.  The snow storm is still going (all I can see is a white blur outside my window – we are expected ANOTHER 30cm today)  It was finally time to take the winter parka out of my closet! It was -15C yesterday. Brrr!

Surprisingly enough, I will miss the snow.  I like the feeling of curling up under a warm blanket, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies like Home Alone, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still enjoy the season!  Who doesn’t?!  The skiers and the snowboarders are probably ecstatic right now! (I’ve only been a handful of times – I’m a poor excuse for a Canadian)

Anyways, I need to be at work in 6 hours – so I should start shoveling my way out now if I want to be there in time.  I love Canada.




5 responses

22 12 2008

Yeah, I won’t be doing any shoveling of snow if I won’t even cut the grass.

22 12 2008

@Anthony: you have to shovel if you want to leave the house…sucks, huh?

26 12 2008

Ah, snow. I don’t miss it. At all. Palm tree and sunshine, IMO, are much nicer. hehe.

26 12 2008

@Stevo: *looks at 100cm of snow outside* sigh – why must you taunt me so…

23 01 2009
Travel Agents India

Am sad to say that we dont get snow at all!!! we have a moderate climate with temperature always between 27 – 33 Celsius, be it winter or summer all are the same for us here.

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