London To Date

16 02 2009

2292923840_056e8a4de5_mWell, I’m in England! Hoorah!

So far…

Times almost hit by car: 3 (caused by looking the wrong way when crossing)

Times gotten lost: infinite

# of Pints drunk: lost count…

# of friends made: a few ūüôā (yay!)

jobs found: 0

flats found: 0

Bank accounts opened: 1 (whew!)

So far, I’m not doing so badly. ¬†Been in the country less than a week and I’ve accomplished a lot of the “administrative” type tasks I needed to do. ¬†The big things – like a job and a place to live – are still in limbo. ¬†

I thought that I would have a job/flat as soon as I arrived.  I was going to be SO pro-active and accomplish all of these things. Nope.  The London Pub scene quickly took over, and the first couple of nights were spent doing nothing but becoming one step closer to an alcoholic. 

My hostel is literally right across the street from the Great Portland Street Tube so it gives me easy access to anywhere I want to go.  So far I have been Рdown South in Clapham, London Zoo, on the London Eye, seen Big Ben (from the London eye), I could go on and on.  So not a bad deal for 4/5 days, eh?

I am actually surprised at how friendly British people are as well. ¬†Yes – you heard me right…I said FRIENDLY. ¬†Not at all what I’ve heard from others. ¬†They are not the bitter, snobby drunks everyone makes them out to be! Haha.

So even though I haven’t gotten around to accomplishing the 2 main tasks – I’m not necessarily in any hurry. ¬†The hostel is great (and surprisingly cheap), I’ve met some great people and I’m having a great time. ¬†

I haven’t made up my mind on how long I plan on staying here. ¬†Originally, I thought a year. ¬†It could be less, it could be more. ¬†Its still kind of hard to say. ¬†We, as Canadians, are quite lucky in that respect because Americans are only allowed to stay maximum 6 months on the same type of Visa.


I’m safe, I’m well, I’m happy, just maybe going a bit broke.




7 responses

16 02 2009

Yay, you’re there! I think you’ve done all the important things, primarily finding a pub! In fact I would suggest that as you look for a flat that you suss out all the pubs in the vicinity to make sure they will work for you! Cheers!!

21 02 2009

@ Gillian: Pubs are mandatory here. You can’t live in the UK and not attend. I think I’m fitting in quite well. Haha

16 02 2009

I found the pubs in Ireland quite magnetic as well. I suspect you will have as much luck tripping over a job and home by hanging out in the pubs as you will by looking in the papers. Good Luck.

21 02 2009

@ Dirk: OoooOOO….Ireland. It’s on the list.

17 02 2009

If you like the pubs in the city… you should head out to a small village and hit up their local pub. It is a completely different scene!
If you do go be sure to sample some of the ‘Local Brew’ ales they have on tap… mmm… beeeeer!
Glad to see you are enjoying yourself!

21 02 2009

@ Matt: Definitely planning on it. Just need to get settled in first before I can start exploring.

21 01 2010

Great post! I love travel in Ireland.

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