Let It Snow!

21 12 2008

p1000386This is a photo of my street.  This is a photo of the day after a huge snow fall (after its already been plowed).  This is right before we got ANOTHER huge snow storm.  There is currently a snow pile on my lawn that is taller than I am and that could cause an avalanche.  It will definitely be a white holiday.

All I have to say it thank goodness for out 4×4! Otherwise I would still be stranded in my driveway.  The snow storm is still going (all I can see is a white blur outside my window – we are expected ANOTHER 30cm today)  It was finally time to take the winter parka out of my closet! It was -15C yesterday. Brrr!

Surprisingly enough, I will miss the snow.  I like the feeling of curling up under a warm blanket, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies like Home Alone, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still enjoy the season!  Who doesn’t?!  The skiers and the snowboarders are probably ecstatic right now! (I’ve only been a handful of times – I’m a poor excuse for a Canadian)

Anyways, I need to be at work in 6 hours – so I should start shoveling my way out now if I want to be there in time.  I love Canada.


Motorcycle Through The Country

5 08 2008

I wish I had taken a camera. Although it proves quite difficult to hold when you are on the back of a motorcycle.

Geoff had commented on one of my posts once that even though it is wonderful to love travel and explore new things, it is equally as important to love your own country and go out and explore your home town. Nothing rang more true when I went on a 3.5 hour motorcycle ride through the beautiful back country roads here in my beloved country, Canada.

I had never been on a motorcycle prior to this ride, and to be honest – I was a bit scared at first. You can really feel every bump and every turn. My hands were red from holding on so tight. I didn’t dare turn my head or move in case that threw me off balance and I was thrown from the bike. However, when you’re surrounded by such gorgeous scenery and breathtaking views, you can’t help but want to turn your head and stare for just one second longer. So little by little, I started to let go. First one hand grabbed the back of the bike instead of the tight grip around the driver. Slowly, the other hand followed. Second, I started leaning back so I can truly see everything around me. By, the end no hands were needed and I could bask in the vast beauty that is Canada. My friend started sensing my becoming more comfortable and the turns became tighter, the bike drove faster and we were flying.

Much like this motorcycle ride, the move to London is going to seem scary and overwhelming at first, but slowly and surely I can see myself letting go one finger at a time.

I see a Vespa in my future.