An-na Shu-ster-man: [An-nuh Shoo-stir-man] – pronoun; 1. sister, daughter & friend; 2. job quitter; 3. wannabe travel blogger; 4. avid reader; 5. self proclaimed nerd; 6. dancer; 7. Harry Potter lover; 8.sports enthusiast; 9. reality tv addict; 10. Virgo; 11. redhead

Yesterday I was a corporate pleb. Today I am a travel blogger. In January 2009 I will call London, England my new home. Follow me on my journey, thoughts, travels and experiences as I blog my way there.


6 responses

4 08 2008

hey Anna,

I am very impressed with your writing style! It is excellent… you should try to do some journalism I think, or Radio or…. tv.

Great stuff, I look forward to your wimsicle updates!

4 08 2008

@Barry: Thanks! It doesn’t compare to your quirky style tho! Miss ya!

15 08 2008

hahahah! I too, am “job-quitter” and virgo. Hmmmmm…wonder if there is some astral link? hahah I kid!

15 08 2008

@lookingforlola: Virgos are anything but the ordinary ! 🙂

9 10 2008

Congrats on the trip. Good luck with everything! These next few months might be sluggish but the last few weeks will fly! I’ll be checking in frequently…

By the way, I like the site layout. I’m glad you moved over to WordPress.

9 10 2008

@Ryan: Yah these months do seem to be dragging! I cant wait to move! And Thank you, I like the new layout as well 🙂

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